Tabula in Action: A Sampling Middleware for Interactive Geospatial Visualization Dashboards


In this paper, we demonstrate Tabula, a middleware that sits between the data system and the geospatial visualization dashboard to increase user interactivity. The proposed system adopts a sampling cube approach that stores prematerialized spatial samples and allows data scientists to define their own accuracy loss function such that the produced samples can be used for various user-defined visualization tasks. The system ensures that the difference between the sample fed into the dashboard and the raw query answer never exceeds the user-specified loss threshold. For demonstration purposes, we connect Apache Zeppelin, a visualization dashboard, to the system and show how Tabula accelerates interactive visualizations on NYC Taxi Trip data, Yelp review data and San Diego Smart Streetlights data.

In International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, VLDB
Jia Yu
Jia Yu

Jia Yu is a co-founder of Wherobots Inc. and leads its engineering team. Jia is the creator of Apache Sedona and was a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Washington State University from 2020 to 2023. Jia’s research interests include database systems, distributed data systems and geospatial data management.

Mohamed Sarwat
Mohamed Sarwat
Assistant Professor

Mohamed Sarwat is an assistant professor of computer science at Arizona State University. His general research interest lies in developing robust and scalable data systems for spatial and spatiotemporal applications.