The winter in Washington State University


Prof. Jia Yu has left WSU and we are no longer looking for new students.

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I am a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Washington State University School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

To Prospective PhD Students

I am actively looking for self-motivated CS/CE PhD students interested in big data systems, database systems, distributed databases, and geospatial data management. Examples of my past research projects can be found on my project page. A detailed explanation of my research can be found on my research page. I initiated Apache Sedona (incubating), one of the most popular cluster computing engines for processing big geospatial data.

If you are interested in joining me at Washington State University EECS, please read the following items and APPLY HERE.

Why Washington State University

WSU EECS school has a strong research background on big data systems, data science, machine learning, and distributed/parallel/high-performance computing.

What I would expect from you

You should have a bachelor or master degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Software Engineering and must have the following skills:

Note that: I do NOT work on machine learning. If you are looking for research in machine learning / data mining, I am NOT the right person. But I design database systems to provide building blocks to spatial data mining algorithms such that they can run on big data efficiently.

What I can offer to you

My collaborators are from the top companies in the world including

How to contact me

Please send your

to Note that, GRE is temporarily waived for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 admission. TOEFL is only required for international students who have no US degree. Although WSU EECS requires a minimum TOEFL score 93, if you have a very strong background, we can discuss it case by case.

In your email, please use no more than 100 words to briefly describe your background and research interest, and use the phrase [Prospective-PhD-student] in your subject. I will periodically check my inbox and reach out to you if you are a good fit.

I will try my best to reply to emails on time. But due to the large volume, I may not be able to reply to all emails. In the meantime, you should also APPLY HERE.

Please do not contact me if you are not serious about doing a PhD with 5-year time commitment.