The volume of geospatial data increased tremendously. Such data includes but is not limited to weather maps, Internet-of-Things sensors, and geo-tagged social media. Many data-intensive geospatial analytics applications, such as Machine Learning algorithms, highly rely on the underlying data infrastructures such as database management systems (DBMS) to efficiently manipulate, retrieve and manage data. Unfortunately, classic database management systems, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and ArcGIS, suffer from a significant performance drop when handling large-scale geospatial data.


My research focuses on crafting database systems to accelerate large-scale geospatial data analytics. In particular, I am interested in


The “ecosystem” of my research

I worked on several projects in two research streams: large-scale geospatial data management and lightweight database indexes (for regular data and spatial data). Over the time, the research projects built up two funny “ecosystems”. I am so proud of my contribution to the community!